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Bergen County - Celery Farm Nature Preserve

No caches are allowed on land managed by the Celery Farm Nature Preserve and/or The Fyke Nature Association.


While cemetery caches are fine, we are very careful about listing anything that is too close to a grave.  Please include as much information as possible on where and how it the cache is hidden.  


The guidelines don't specify from what area "plenty of qualifying caches" is. For the purposes of this state, consider 500 miles to be a reasonable ending spot for the majority of challenges in regards to "plenty of qualifying caches".  This does not mean that all challenge caches will have a max of 500 miles or it will be applied to every challenge but if we have concerns, that will be the distance we will use.

Hackettstown Municipal Utilities Authority (HMUA)

No caches may be placed on their land.  Entering their land, marked or not, is considered trespassing.


National Park Service

NPS managed land in New Jersey are off-limits to geocache placements (virtual or physical) without a special usage permit. This includes but is not limited to areas directly on the official A.T. corridor. Visit Link For Locations

National Wildlife Refuges

In New Jersey are off-limits to physical geocache placements. Visit Link For Locations

State Parks and Forests

Effective May 31, 2015, New Jersey State Parks and Forests requires a permit for all active geocaches on state park and forest land.

Until May 31st 2015,  there is a moratorium on new geocache placements on state managed lands.  Until then, no new geocaches will be reviewed by state employees as they focus on bringing the existing geocaches into compliance with the new permit system.

New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry Geocaching Policy: New Jersey Geocaching Policy 2.37

Use this form to apply for a permit: New Jersey Geocaching Permit Form

After your permit is issued, you are required to add the following approval logo on your cache page:

To add the logo, copy and paste the text below, exactly as it appears, at the end of your Long Description.  Make sure to include your permit approval number and expiration date in the code after "Geocache Identification Permit Approval Number:" and "Permit Expires on:", respectively.  Don't forget to check the box on your edit page next to "The descriptions below are in HTML" so the image will appear correctly.

<br /><br /><a href=""><img src="" /></a><br />
<font color="#008409">Geocache Identification Permit Approval Number:<br />Permit Expires on:</font><br />

A current map dataset  of state park and forest land has been provided to the New Jersey review team for their private use in their role as volunteer reviewers.  There is an older version available for public use, but be aware that it is no longer 100% accurate:

Wildlife Management Areas

The Wildlife Management Areas' (WMA) website mentions a prohibition on Geocaching.

WMA Regulations Page

As we have not heard anything directly from them, we will not be publishing (or unarchiving) caches on WMA lands but will leave the current caches on WMA land.  If we hear differently, we will update the wiki and let cache owners know.

New Jersey Reviewers

About This Guide

The local laws and guidelines for geocaching placement vary from place to place. As community reviewers learn geocache placement policies for a certain location, they can add it here. This site may not be a complete or accurate list of land policies. These policies are made by the land owner or manager, they are neither the reviewer’s nor Geocaching HQ’s. This guide is just for reference, if no policies for the area you’re looking for are listed, that doesn't mean no policies exist. You must still obtain permission to place your geocache from the landowner or land manager,comply with all applicable laws, and follow the Geocaching Listing Requirements.

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