QLD is reviewed by two reviewers, Jingeri (Thomas) and Ngaambul (Matt). We ask that you read the detail below and the rest of the guidelines prior to hiding your cache, it will make things go a lot smoother.


Jingeri & Ngaambul

National Parks and State Forests

QPWS allow Geocaching in their managed areas with permission. Here is their Geocaching on QPWS managed areas operational policy.

Geocaching Activity Guidelines have also been developed to provide guidance for QPWS staff and geocachers on issues such as appropriate cache size, length of cache placement, and approval process. The policy and guidelines were modelled on those from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife to achieve some cross-border consistency.

The first step after reading these policies is to find your local ranger, should you be unsure who it is that is responsible for an area you can email the QPWS enquiry centre info@nprsr.qld.gov.au

The following flowchart describes the process your application will follow.

Key Points:

    • This policy applies to all physical geocaches. (Events require separate permission)
    • The maximum term of approval for a traditional cache to placed in a QPWS managed area is 5 years.
    • Apart from Geocoins, no other trade or trophy items (including Travel Bugs) can be placed in the cache.
    • The cache listing must contain some minimum information before it can be published.

The Tourism and Visitor Management Unit of QPWS would like to give special thanks to ruzzelz who represented the geocaching community for his input during the development of the policy and guidelines.

To find out boundaries for lands managed by QPWS you can use the Queensland Globe portal.

Application Form

Information Sheet

Australia Reviewers

Ngaambul (QLD), Jingeri (QLD), Tchingal (SA), Bunjil (VIC), Balayang (TAS), GeoAwareANZ2 (EarthCaches - Oceania)

About This Guide

The local laws and guidelines for geocaching placement vary from place to place. As community reviewers learn geocache placement policies for a certain location, they can add it here. This site may not be a complete or accurate list of land policies. These policies are made by the land owner or manager, they are neither the reviewer’s nor Geocaching HQ’s. This guide is just for reference, if no policies for the area you’re looking for are listed, that doesn't mean no policies exist. You must still obtain permission to place your geocache from the landowner or land manager,comply with all applicable laws, and follow the Geocaching Listing Requirements.

If you have an update, email the community reviewer(s) listed.


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