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          Caching in Cyprus is a unique experience however in addition to Geocaching Guidelines, there are local laws that need to be adhered to as well as some common sense procedures. Please familiarise yourself with Geocaching HQ policy as this wiki is in addition to their policies and not in place thereof. This wiki is as guidance and there may be other things taken into consideration when your cache is reviewed. Each cache and event submission is taken on its own merits.There are no precedents for placing geocaches. Past publication of a similar geocache is not justification for publication of a new geocache. If a geocache was published that you feel violated the guidelines, you may report it. Please note vacation caches are rarely published , please contact the reviewer before placing your vacation cache to find out if it will be published.

           Below are a few additional points to take in consideration when submitting your listing.

          • Cache hides - places to avoid
          • Cache Containers
          • Event caches

          Cache hides - places to avoid

          • Airports & associated structure
          • Any areas where photography is prohibited
          • Close to or in any Military restricted zone.
          • The demilitarized and buffer zone
          • Archaeological and UNESCO sites
          • Church grounds / Mosque area (unless permission has been granted)
          • Ancient walls and tombs

          Cache Containers

          Decent quality plastic or weatherproof metal containers is prefered

          DO NOT USE

          • Biodegradable plastic containers
          • Glass containers
          • Take away food contains
          • Plastic bags


          •  Tour groups and vacation cache events  will be limited with the amount of events issued during their vacation. There are currently only a handful of cachers resident on the island and numerous caches by cruises and tour groups  devalue the  ethos of an event . These events due to the sheer number of them are not often attended by any locals and become CO and group only events.
          • Events in Northern Cyprus are normally only granted on a one off basis as it has shown their are no cachers there and historically are only CO events.
          • Events within a 10km radius and 24 hour period from any other event will not be granted.

          Contact regional reviewers to see if there is information available. 

      Reviewers for Cyprus

      About This Guide

      The local laws and guidelines for geocaching placement vary from place to place. As community reviewers learn geocache placement policies for a certain location, they can add it here. This site may not be a complete or accurate list of land policies. These policies are made by the land owner or manager, they are neither the reviewer’s nor Geocaching HQ’s. This guide is just for reference, if no policies for the area you’re looking for are listed, that doesn't mean no policies exist. You must still obtain permission to place your geocache from the landowner or land manager,comply with all applicable laws, and follow the Geocaching Listing Requirements.

      If you have an update, email the community reviewer(s) listed.

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