Isle of Man

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Reviewer for the Isle of Man -  Southerntrekker


The Guidelines and Help Center contain a lot of information about general cache placement and what you need to know. The information in this Wiki is based on these guidelines as applied to the Isle of Man.


 Where you need specific permission or where caching may not be allowed

These are mostly environmentally sensitive areas such as nature reserves and Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI). Caches may be allowed with permission from the landowner or may not be allowed at all. 

Using map overlays

 The map overlays can be downloaded and opened in Google Earth which is a free download for a PC and also as apps for Apple and Android.

Local Nature Reserves

Manx Wildlife Trust. There is no agreement with the MWT to place caches so you should contact them directly and enquire if it's allowed or not. Some reserves are closed to the public so caches won't be allowed there anyway. Please visit their website for a complete list of reserves.

Click here to download a map of the reserves which can be opened in Google Earth.

Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI)

These protected areas are scheduled by the Manx Government. Caches must have permission from the landowner before they can be placed in an ASSI.

Isle of Man Government map.

Click the  button on the left of the map then scroll down to Protected Areas. ASSI's appear in yellow on the map. Clicking the area on the map will display the ASSI name.

Click here to download a map of the ASSI's that you can open in Google Earth.

Department of Environment, Food & Agriculture (DEFA)

The DEFA manage the natural environment of the Isle of Man including woodlands, forests and nature reserves. They are very supportive of geocaching but you must apply for permission before placing any caches. Full details of the application process may be found in the Geocaching Association of Great Britain's landowner database.

Click here to download a map of the DEFA forests and woodlands that you can open in Google Earth.