The Geocaching Knowledgebase entry for EarthCaches can be found by clicking here - please review the information before submitting your EarthCache for review.

EarthCaches require the land manager's permission.

When submitting an EarthCache, please include a Reviewer Note with the name, title and contact information of the person that authorized the EarthCache.

The Reviewer Note will auto-delete when the EarthCache is published, but will be available to Geocaching HQ staff and volunteers should the need arise in the future.

If permission is not required for your EarthCache location, please post a Reviewer Note with the explanation (e.g. it can be completed from a public city sidewalk, for example).

Be sure to also review the Public Land Policies for your region where you have placed your EarthCache to see if there are policies specific to that region.

Canadian EarthCache Reviewer

About This Guide

The local laws and guidelines for geocaching placement vary from place to place. As community reviewers learn geocache placement policies for a certain location, they can add it here. This site may not be a complete or accurate list of land policies. These policies are made by the land owner or manager, they are neither the reviewer’s nor Geocaching HQ’s. This guide is just for reference, if no policies for the area you’re looking for are listed, that doesn't mean no policies exist. You must still obtain permission to place your geocache from the landowner or land manager,comply with all applicable laws, and follow the Geocaching Listing Requirements.

If you have an update, email the community reviewer(s) listed.

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