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Comment: Updated Event Stacking Guidelines


Events will be published within a similar time period only if they are more than 20 10 miles apart (as the crow flies). Events closer to each other than 20 10 miles will only be published if the end time of the first is more 10 5 hours before the start time of the next. In London which is a popular tourist destination and where many events get submitted it was decided the distance would be a 3 mile circle around Trafalgar Square rather than 20 10 miles. The time restrictions of 10 5 hours will still apply. Anywhere else in London the 20 10 mile / 10 5 hour guidance will apply.From time to time GCHQ issue souvenirs for attending events on specific days. The distance and time separation requirements for events scheduled on these days will be halved. Outside of London the requirements will be 10 miles and 5 hours. The time separation for London events is also halved to 5 hours.


Following the resumption of Event Publication in England and Wales, for a period of three months (13th July to 12th October 2021 for England and 15th July to 14th October for Wales) the Event Stacking Guidelines will be as follows :-

Standard Events

England / Wales (Excluding London) Events to be separated by 5 hours in time or 10 miles in distance

London 3 mile radius zone from Trafalgar Square. Events there must be separated by 5 hours Outside of that zone the 10 miles/5 hour guideline applies.

Mega Side events published from the Mega Account we will allow 3 hours or 10 miles between events.

Community Celebration Events

For the duration Community Souvenir promotion (31st December 2022) Community Celebration Events need to be separated from other events by 5 hours in time or 10 miles in distance.

Please note CITO’s are not subject to the Event Stacking Guidelines

Camping events

Camping is a very popular activity among geocachers and long weekend camping trips particularly so. It’s becoming common to have a lot of geocaching events during these 2 or 3 days. This does diminish the value of events as social gatherings as it's usually the same people attending each time. The event guidelines say this:


For Mega side events published from the Mega Account we will publish at 6 months and allow 6 3 hours or 20 10 miles between events. This Mega policy is in place for events published 5 days before the Mega and one day after. All other events that are not submitted by the Mega Account have to be published at 3 months and be 20 10 miles or 10 5 hours apart.

Holding an Event - Royal Parks - London